April updates and news

April 19, 2020

Hello Pandas!

We've been working on soooo many updates this month!
Biggest change are about BedWars minigames:

  • New way to manage maps, with zero bug and lag.
  • Various hit fix.
  • We create Edenmine-ClanWars plugin and we're still working on it to add new features!
  • New maps.
  • Different kind of gamemodes with different style of bedwars.

Other interesting news:

  • KitPvP is online and kits have been reset to his original way, so there's now just one kit for everybody.
  • Vanilla got back his weekly-kill dragon event.
  • A lot of new maps on Practice and some new gamemodes by Tarah_
  • Skyblock Minions update: now they are less OP and really more balanced. This should assure a better game experience.
  • New Skyblock events.
  • A lot of updates and bugfix on EdenUniverse modpack.
  • New VIP on the shop
  • You can now check your ping on tab.

...and so many more minor updates that it's useless to list, aim to optimize FPS and server stability

We've been working on soooo many updates this month!

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