Big Halloween Updates

October 29, 2020

Hello Pandas!

Between the 30 and 31 of october, during the halloween cup, we're going to release some huge updates: stay online to be the first to play!


New Minigame: Zombie

Zombies is a round-based survival game in which you team up with 3 (or more) other players to fight waves of enemies. At first the game is relatively straightforward - shoot zombies with your gun in order to gain Gold and advance to the next rounds. As you progress through each round, enemies become stronger and more difficult to defeat with just basic weaponry. Advance through the map to gain access to better weapons and armor, and flip the Power Switch to activate machines. Machines cost gold to use, but give you various benefits that will aid in your struggle.


New Minigame: FastBridge

The Fastbridge Trainer allows players to learn quickly and easily, how to fastbridge.
You can have different types of arenas and blocks!


New gamemode: Survival 1.8.8

Survive and ear money to dominate the whole server! There are a lot of different features like in factions servers, but here you can't claim so grief is 100% allowed and easy to do... the only way to avoid it is to build a well hidden base very far away from the spawn.


Bedwars 2.0

As we announced we're going to release competitive bedwars very soon, stay tuned


Creative 1.16.2

It's almost ready! Who want to be the first with worldedit and voxel in 1.16.2? 2020 | All rights reserved. By entering you accept our Terms and Conditions and Server Rules.
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