Vanilla big updates

A lot of new exclusive feature for a better vanilla experience!

RZCraft Modpack - Vanilla 1.16 & More

Do you like hard challenges? You should try our new modpack RZCraft!

Updates coming soon!

We're working on this gamemode for a long time and now is going to be ready soon...

Do you want to see more spoliers?
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April updates and news

We've been working on soooo many updates this month!

EdenMine Practice

What's better than a perfect practice server?

March Updates

New Minigame opening this friday!

Hello Pandas!

As usual we keep working hard to improve what we daily offer to you.
This new minigame is a mix of Koth, TDM, magic, spells and special abilities.


The game is pretty much easy to understand, you just join a map and select your class (some of them need to be unlocked via money that you earn playing)
To conquest a beacon just stay close to it for about 20 seconds and it will become of the colors of your team! This will make you team gain points faster!

The first team to reach 3000 points will win the match!


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New global feature: Monthly top

Hello Pandas!

we enabled a new feature, a top monthly votes chart, with exchangeable tokens and prizes:

1st prize: gold VIP

2nd prize: Chat tag [TOP]

3rd prize: 10000€ on skyblock

You can vote on:

Check your rank on:

More mobs on skyblock

One of the worst thing on skyblock is rare mobs spawning... we fixed this!

Now you can get all kind of mobs:

For Wither Skeleton and Blaze:

Zombie Pigmen will be replaced with Blaze or Wither Skeleton by chance, if:

For Shulkers:

Enderman will be replaced with Shulker by chance if:

For Guardians:

Cod, Salamon or Tropical fish will be replaced with Guardian or bees by chance from config if:


New Minigame: EdenManni

Hello Pandas! We're Happy to announce our next minigame:


It will officially open on friday 31/01/2020


Phase I:

Phase II:

Phase III:

Phase: IV:

Phase: V

The winner is the one who survive with the higher nexus life, so you must protect it and destroy the other team!