Hello Pandas! Let us resume all the updates done and upcoming features on EdenMine!

Vanilla – The Dragon Update:

  • EnderDragon countdown respawn! Now the dragon will automatically be respawned once a week! You also have a small % to get the dragon egg!
  • New feature: TOP player statistics at the spawn with Weekly top. Coming soon prizes!

Creative – The Wezzolo Update:

  • Height Brush: Now you can easily TerraForming with Height brush! Just pick your favourite shape HERE and add a number to chose the size!
    example: //brush height 50 file://Collection/Mountain6.png
  • Texture commands unlocked: Now you can use commands like //set #lighten or //set #darken to automatically color with a native palette!
  • Added new Voxel commands! /b eb melt & /b eb lift & /b eb fill & /b eb smooth
  • Scripts: now available for official builders!
  • New easy gui! Type /menu to get all main commands.
  • Automated doors: Yes, the famous plugin to create automated doors! If you love castles, you will love this feature!
  • Armor stand tools: Easily create and customize an armor stand!
  • New spawn and a lot of minor updates

SkyBlock – The bees update:

  • Automated bees plugin: get honey easily!
  • New events!

KiPvP – The Koth update:

  • New feature: koth 2v2! Stay on the beacon to conquest it and get more point! the team who get 1000 points win the match!

Paintball – The Resizes update:

  • All the maps have been updated and the bigger one resized!