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TotallyN0tGood (Andrija007)
Andrija User
2 posts
2 topics
3 months ago

Hello I'm Andrija knows as Andrija007 or TotallyN0tGood. I'm a Minecraft veteran I have played this game for almost 8 years and I'm pretty much good at everything. I still need to master some skills like moonwalking and diagonal god bridge and some skill in command blocks. If someone would ask me what kind of player im, i replay "little bit of everything" and later, when people get to know me better  they say "you are like a speed builder". It's because i play The Bridge a lot and there you need to be really fast and to think where and how you will place every single block and also have good PvP skill to kill your enemy, i mean you sure can jump over them but it's not a fair win, i'm a fair player.

Minecraft is really huge part of my life and i think if i didnt find this game,if my brother didnt tell me about it i would be a diffrent person or maybe i would find it on my own.My favorite thing about it, is that Minecraft is infinite place if you are just creative enough and have motivation to learn how to make thing you can make "your world" and not just one,but multiple and if you get lonely just get on the server go to duos or trios and find a team of your dreams or be with people that just got the game,it's your luck.

Thx to EdenMine for making this possible i'm really glad to share my opinion on minecraft and something about me.

love you all and have a great day


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tossici User
9 posts
1 topics
2 months ago

Welcome TotallyN0tGood!

Croazia Sr Mod
60 posts
0 topics
2 months ago

Welcome 😜