Halloween Cup

October 19, 2020
INFO EVENT: For Halloween, EdenMine proposes a tournament with very rich prizes to the winners!Players will have to compete in 2 main events: SpeedRun and EdenKart.-In SpeedRun, the goal is to complete an obstacle race trying to be faster than others. There will be only one winner who will have as a prize the direct access to the final of the second event.-The EdenKart event is instead, a Mario Kart style circuit tournament, where to win you will have to arrive at the end of the course with a boat on the ice!

EVENT DATE AND REGISTRATIONS: The event will take place on 30 October at 17:00 (GMT+2).To enter the event you will need to register by 30 October at 15:00 (GMT+2) if possible. Contact LaSfortunella or Mike73 to get listed!

AWARDS:The possible prizes up of your choice (only one) are:

🥇 First Place:Optifine Cape +-VIP King-VIP Legend Assassin-VIP Practice Plus-VIP Rank Supreme
🥈 Second place:-VIP Master-VIP Supreme Assassin-VIP Practice VIP-VIP Rank Sensei
🥉 Third place:-VIP Intrepid-VIP Ultra Assassin-VIP Practice VIP-3 Spawner of your choice (Skyblock)

In addition, all finalists will have the opportunity to customize their nickname with the colors of their choice in their favourite mode!

To participate at the event contact us and you will be added at the list!

Telegram: @LaSfortunella @Mike7373

Discord: LaSfortunella#9165 Mike73#5885

For any other info please do not hesitate to contact us. :wink:
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