Hello Pandas!
here the network news!

Do you like hard challenges? You should try our new modpack RZCraft! It’s a mix of survival and hardcore, you will be hungry and thirsty, hot and cold. The feelings will be like live in a zombie movie like “The Walking Dead”. Here some suggestions to survive:

  1. Don’t travel during the night
  2. Don’t travel during the night
  3. Build your house raised from the ground at least 3 blocks
  4. Never visit cities alone. Don’t bring the best gear you got, you’ll 85% die.
  5. Collect seeds and RP with other player to get food, Medikit and special items
  6. Be careful, wild fauna is super attractive but most of time dangerous (especially snakes)

More info soon via video.

  • Vanilla 1.16

We’re updating our 1.15 to 1.16 to avoid loss of inventory!

  • Practice 2.0

Almost ready, there will be so many news on it!

  1. New and better anticheat
  2. New 100% custom Spigot by ImOnlyFire
  3. New maps
  4. Better performance
  5. Gamemodes optimizations
  6. A lot of more custom stuff by ImOnlyFire