One of the worst thing on skyblock is rare mobs spawning… we fixed this!

Now you can get all kind of mobs:

For Wither Skeleton and Blaze:

Zombie Pigmen will be replaced with Blaze or Wither Skeleton by chance, if:

  • given world is Nether
  • Zombie Pigmen is standing on nether brick, nether brick slab or nether brick stairs.
For Shulkers:

Enderman will be replaced with Shulker by chance if:

  • given world is the End
  • Enderman is standing on purpur block, purpur stair or purpur slab.
For Guardians:

Cod, Salamon or Tropical fish will be replaced with Guardian or bees by chance from config if:

  • given world is the Overworld
  • biome in given location is deep ocean or any its variants
  • first block above water where fish is spawned is prismarine, prismarine brick or dark prismarine (blocks, slabs and stairs).