Special Thanks COUPON CODE

March 22nd, 2020|

Hello Pandas,

We’re so happy that you all appreciate our work, that we decided to create for you a Special Thanks Coupon Code.
15% of discount* for all users that will use this code to get their VIP rank:


Remember also that all new users in March will receive via confirmation-email a special code to use on SkyBlock, to get 1000 credits!
We’re planning big updates for you, please help us with your suggestions on: discord official EdenMine server

*This coupon will expire in 1 week, min spend: 10€
In the image: MastabaAudio, _Mindy, Gallager, Martina, Sketc96, Tyler99

March Updates

March 20th, 2020|

Hello Pandas,

We got so many news we can’t even find the time to write our blog!

  • We’re working on a big updates for bedwars, meanwhile we restyled all paintball maps and started to code new weapons!
  • Vanilla get some upgrades which allow us to host 40 users without lag, so be aware that if you arrive later you can go in queue to join the server.
  • Skyblock and Creative get some upgrades too, this allow us to host 35 users on skyblock without lag and unlimited users for creative.
  • New heighmap bushes are available on our website, check it!
  • We’re also working on a new Gamemode, but it’s still secret! What it will be? Prison? Factions? UHC? Let us know your favourite on discord!

For new users: register to our website and check your email, you will get a special coupon to receive 1000€ on skyblock!

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