When a user registers his account on EdenMine, he automatically accepts the rules below.

The staff reserves the right to apply and, if required, modify the duration of the sanction if there is a violation of the server rules.
Rules can be modified and users are invited to examine them regularly. To be not aware of them doesn’t preserve you from possible sanctions.

1. The user has to keep a respectful behavior towards the other users, the staff and the whole server in general
2. Everyone is responsible for security of their account and the staff invites you to use different passwords for each server. Please, don’t give your credentials to anyone, the staff would never ask for your access passwords.
3. Homophobia, racism or cyber-bullying behaviors are strictly forbidden.
4. Spamming IP of other server, TeamSpeak, site links, YT channels is forbidden, unless authorized by the staff
5. It is forbidden to encourage other users to break the rules
6. It is forbidden to swear or offend any type of religious belief.
7. Multiaccounts are allowed, except if there is a sanction on one of them.
8. The use of any type of cheats or mods is stricktly forbidden. Check the mod and client list allowed by the server.
9. The use of any type of bug to take advantage is forbidden
10. It's absolutely forbidden to sell things that concern EdenMine for real currency
10. It is forbidden to impersonate the staff or any other user
11. It is forbidden to disclose personal information of users.
Mods and Client allowed:
nb: prefetch must be always enabled
Pactify Launcher
Arcane Client
Badlion Client
PvPLounge Client
Hyperion Client
Titanium Client
J3Ultimate Client
Pixel Client
5zig PvP mod
Joystick mod
Crosshair Change mod
Tabby chat
Shaders mod
Labymod (no additional mod as banned, worldedit CUI and Damage Indicator prohibited)
Armor statusHUD
Ping display
Direction hud
ToggleSneak ToggleSprint
Vanilla Enhancements
FPS Spoofer
Chunk animator
ResourcePack Organizer
PingTab Mod

The staff will carry out hack inspection using Anydesk or TeamViewer, also using Tools that would be downloaded such as Paladins, Anticlients and others. User could refuse the control, or to install tools,but this would behave a ban for rejection of hack control.

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