RZCraft Official Guide

RZCraft is a survival Modpacl where there are zombies far more dangerous than the ones in the normal Vanilla. A distinctive feature is the presence of realistic fauna, flora and climate that make the adventure more fun and entertainment, but still dangerous.
Try to tame your favorite animal so as to make new animal friends. It's time to travel and visit wonderful biomes using available vehicles! There are a lot of decorative blocks to give you the chance to make your buildings even more beautiful, colorful and creative.
Learn how to use the machines to improve your production and make everyday life easier. On RZCraft you can find Zombies able to use the Enderpearls and destroy blocks, so it's recommendend to build your home high (at least 3 meters).
Be careful at night, when you explore the ruin Cities and the caves, because they are infested by Armed Zombies. Try to figure out which are the best armors and weapons to deal with the Zombies.

This gamemode is very competitive and it is very easy to die in various ways.
Claim your home and share it with your friends.
Find a way to survive with your friends by travelling, discovering new funny craftings and building an unassailable home.

Zoo and Animals
MrMycrayfish Vehicles
Lost Cities
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