When you buy a VIP you will receive special stuff for each gamemode.

Below are the perks and items you will receive.
Skyblock :
- [EMERALD] Prefix
- Access to command /fly
- Kit (every 30hours) : Full diamond armor Protection I ,diamond sword Sharpness I, 16 soulsand, blocks,diamond pickaxe axe and wand, 2 stack of cobblestone, 32 sand blocks, 32 dirt blocks
- Enable combo-spawners
- Upgrade Limit Mobspawners to 35
- Upgrade minions limit to 9
- kit diamond
Creative :
- [EMERALD] Prefix
- Colours in chat enabled
- 2 Plots
- 3 home
Vanilla :
- [EMERALD] Prefix
- Custom nickname
- Color Chat
- Craft
- [EMERALD] Prefix
- 2 additional home
- Upgrade from 20 to 30 region claims
- Upgrade from 8000 to 25000 maximus claim blocks
- Random teleport available every 1h
- [EMERALD] Prefix
- 100 money/day
- 64 gold ingod/day
- 64xp bottles/day
- Color chat
- Enderchest command
- Enderchest rows: x4
- Feed command
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