Vanilla big updates

July 26, 2020

Vanilla Big Updates
Elytra Dragon Loot: Elytra added to the Dragon loot table. 100% drop chance.
The Stonecutter: is an awesome block, but that blade really should do something. Now it does 3 hearts of damage every second! Exempt from damage are: Players, Cats & Villagers.
Bat Membranes: We removed phantoms and let bats drop membranes too. Bats will "bite" you for one heart of damage. Once a bat has bitten someone, they won't bite again.
Climbable Chains: Gives chains the same climbable functionality as ladders, vines and scaffolding.
Nether Creepers: Charged Creepers have a rare chance of spawning in Nether Wastes.
TnT timer: TNTs displays their remaining fuse time above them.

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